COVID 19 Safety Measures – When we are open

This risk assessment is to protect guests and owners of Acorns Guest House against the Corona Virus (Covid 19). It is critical that you do not travel to our guest house if you or anyone in your household has symptoms

It is to highlight the potential dangers of Covid 19 and the measures we have put in place to make our Guest House a safe environment. Prior to arriving, guest will be required to provide an estimated time of arrival. This is to ensure that we can welcome guests in a relaxed manner without other guests arriving at the same time, if other guests do arrive, they will be asked to wait in the rear garden at a safe distance.

On arrival all guests will be asked to use our sanitizer gel clearly provided by the back and front door, also every time they enter the building. The keys to your room will be in the door, they have been sanitised.

We require guests to remain in their room when other guests are leaving theirs. If you do see other guest on the stairway, please stand on the landing giving a safe distance. Breakfast will be staggered to ensure there is at least 1 metre apart in the dining room, therefore require a breakfast time slot.

Our Lounge will be open to Guests by request only, as we can only allow 2 rooms in at the same time to observe the 1 metre distance. During the day the public areas will be cleaned and disinfected by us, we will maintain a continuous programme of wiping down regular use areas such as banisters, light switches and door handles. There will be a sign on the downstairs toilet to advise that it will not be in use, please do not use this as we may not be aware and has not been cleaned and sterilised.

There will be no breakfast buffet available, but everything we usually provide can be ordered and served to your table. During a guest stay we will only service the room by displaying our “Please make up the room” sign on the door and we will be wearing appropriate PPE during cleaning.

We will provide an information guide on best practices for staying safe when you are enjoying you break with us. Every guest bedroom and en-suite will be fully sanitised before each stay. All surfaces will be thoroughly wiped down and cleaned prior to your arrival. Bedding and towels will be wash on a high heat. All scatter cushions and throws will be removed. We will also remove the room packs and hot beverages, should you require any teas and coffee, please inform us by ringing the bell outside our lounge.